Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elvis Kong Suicide Note (Alviss Kong Parody)

Tonight 12.00 am. You will knew whether it's true or prank.

Hope everyone will take care of their beloved one. Do not let them slip (nipple slip) away from you before it’s too late, sundels!

Count Down For 45 mins. What should i do in this 45 mins? It’s a Final Countdown (Europe, 1986).

Okay maybe i should write a suicide note or something. Okay Here we go.

“Dear dust bin. This is the way how I love, perhaps people will think it was crazy. I've never tried to put down my Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (coming soon to cinemas, 2011) my Dignity (Hilary Duff, 2007) my ego-ness (wait, does this word even exist?) on my first ex. But you were totally diff (refer to diff), I put down my pride my dignity my every shit (ok this is disgusting. go watch 2 Girls 1 Cup or something) just to beg you.

But i failed (boo). As always I’m just a failure in a relation (major loser, i know right?) but that's just me. This is me… Then (Jennifer Lopez, 2001) I'll only do the things which i think its worth. Will i became your memory Forever (Mariah Carey, 1996)? Who knows since you were already special when the first sight i saw you. Love at First Sight uols. (Kylie Minogue, 2002). Perhaps, you'll just fucking laugh at me... I bet there's plenty of people will laugh too =) but who cares? I CARE, BITCHES! WHO ARE YOU WANT TO LAUGH AT ME? YOU SONOFABITCH. Okay. I digress. That's just me... That's the way i are. (this is grammatically wrong right? right wrong? wrong right?)

The last thing. I do appreciate everything about us. You were the light in my life (Louise, 1995). You given me determination of x and y value for my future. But everything is gone (‘N Sync, 2001)... I don't blame you actually. Well you can put the Blame On Me (Akon, 2007) because 爱情是自由的 ~ So just wish you'll have a happy life in the future.

ILY & IMY ~ Sorry that I couldn't brings you to walk (but sure you can handle those wheelchair on your own kan?) until the end of the day.
希望你会记得在你的生命中...曾几何时有个一个那么爱你的人出现过 <3

P/S : Please do not blame her. Akon told ya to blame it on me. I’m the one who decided this. She's just the one given me the motivation and courage to die. To my FAMILY, puhease.. I beg of you all, don't ever blame on her. Listen to those Akon’s song. I’m begging you. To her future BF(bitch friends) : IF YOU DID ANYTHINGS THAT WOULD HURT HER.. I WILL FUCK YOU  FUCKIING SWEAR I'LL FUCK YOU FUCKING HAUNT YOU DOWN EVEN I’M JUST SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT (Nirvana, 1992)!


First time i take a pic when i were crying.. Looks sucks... I know my face is very similar to Lady Gaga. Shut the fuck up. Anyway that’s the last pic of mine b4 i gg =)


The pic when you were sleeping today. That's fucking ugly but I really loved you.”


Sorry To My Beloved Family ♥ Take Care


P/S: I feel sorry for his family. And Bin Luii. And the Proton Wira owner. CLICK THIS. I LOLed a LOT. So TRUE.

Okbai. Sorry, wa tak kesian langsung kat empty-headed Alviss. Mesti lepas terjun bangunan tu kepala dia pecah tapi kosong je dalam tengkorak kepala dia kan?